Every Wednesday The Million Dollar Burger (6 bucks) at 24th Street Cafe- Bakersfield, Ca 

Every Wednesday at the popular 24th Street Cafe in Bakersfield is the Million Dollar Burger, which is really only Six Dollars or 6 bucks, either way it is a deal! Made from the best beef and handmade at 1415 24th Street in the kitchen of this iconic downtown Bakersfield restaurant, the 6 buck Burger is becoming a Wednesday ritual for diners in !he City made famous by it’s vast farming empire and petroleum reserves that are second to none in California. 24th Street Cafe is the place for the Best Burger in Bakersfield!

The 6 buck Burger is served with the Freshest Kern County Potatoes that become the most delicious Steak Fries! If you are a resident of Bakersfield or just a passin thru…come on down to 24th Street Cafe and experience the Burger that is developing it’s own fan club….The Million Dollar Burger for only 6 bucks!

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