Aunt Mae’s Gourmet Toffee is Great with Coffee!

Aunt Mae’s Sweet Tooth gourmet english toffee is made in small batches and always shipped fresh. Homemade by hand this delectable candy is becoming quite popular and being shipped all over the world. Aunt Mae’s is the perfect gift for any occasion, anyone would love to have a box of this mouthwatering english toffee for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, Job promotion, get well gift, thinking of you gift, or during any holiday season, Valentine’s day is huge at the candy shop. Aunt Mae’s comes with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate with almonds. Toffee and Coffee are great together and Aunt Mae’s is delicious with a hot cup of Coffee in the morning or anytime. For the best english toffee in the world, you can call Aunt Mae’s at: (661) 725-5200, or you can order at

Start Your Morning With Aunt Mae’s Toffee and a Cup of Coffee!

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Aunt Mae's Gourmet Toffee is Great with Coffee!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings