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    Swimming Pool Repairs and Service in Bakersfield 

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    The Friendliest City in America is Bakersfield, Ca 

    Bakersfield is Home to the Best People in the World!

    Bakersfield is the friendliest city in America, if there is a city more friendly, then it must be a special place! Bakersfield’s historic and primary industries have related to Kern County’s two main industries, oil and agriculture. Kern County is the most oil productive county in America, with approximately 10% of the nation’s domestic production. Kern County is a part of the highly productive San Joaquin Valley, and ranks in the top five most productive agricultural counties in the nation. Major crops for Kern County include: grapes, citrus, almonds, carrots, alfalfa, cotton, and roses. The city serves as the home for both corporate and regional headquarters of companies engaged in these industries.

    Bakersfield also has a growing manufacturing and distribution sector. Several companies have moved to Bakersfield because of its inexpensive land and access to the rest of America, as well as international ports in both Los Angeles and Oakland. Other companies have opened regional offices and non-oil/agricultural businesses because of Bakersfield’s and Kern County’s business friendly policies, such as having no local utility or inventory taxes. Products manufactured in the city include: ice cream (world’s largest ice cream plant), central vacuums, highway paint, and stock racing cars. Bakersfield is the largest city with the lowest sales tax in California at the state minimum of 7.25%.

    Many of Bakersfield’s oldest and most historic restaurants are Basque, including Woolgrowers, Noriega’s, Pyrenees, Benji’s, Narducci’s, Luigi’s, Milt’s Coffee Shop and 24th Street Cafe.

    The Kern County Museum, located on Chester Avenue just north of downtown Bakersfield holds a collection of regional artifacts. Permanent exhibits include: “Black Gold: The Oil Experience”, a hands-on modern approach at showing how oil is extracted; and “The Lori Brock Children’s Discovery Museum”, a hands-on children’s museum and a display on the influential “Bakersfield Sound” style of country music. Bakersfield is also home to the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History, which has a collection of Miocene era marine fossils collected from the region as well as other displays.

    Bakersfield is known for the Bakersfield sound, “a twangy style of Fender Telecaster and steel guitar music made popular by hometown country crooners Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Both the late Buck Owens and Merle Haggard are members of the country music hall of fame. Both of these true legendary artists have influenced more singers and musicians than any other performers. Buck Owens influenced acts ranging from the Beatles to Dwight Yoakam, Brad Paisley, The Byrds to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead.

    In 1972, Bob Weir released the song “Mexicali Blues” on his first solo album, Ace. Not only does the sound of the song pay tribute to the Bakersfield sound, the name of the city is referenced in the lyrics.

    In 1978, The Rolling Stones released the song “Far Away Eyes” on the album Some Girls. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards collaborated extensively on writing the song and it was recorded in late 1977. The Rolling Stones, longtime country music fans, incorporated many aspects of “Bakersfield sound” country music into this song. Bakersfield is mentioned in the first line of the song.

    In the early 1990s, a group of friends from the lower and middle-class parts of Northeast and East Bakersfield formed the alternative metal band KoRn. The members of the band attended Highland High School (Jonathan Davis and Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu), East High School (James “Munky” Shaffer and lead guitarist Brian “Head” Welch) and South High School (David Silveria). Korn have sold over 40 million albums worldwide and were given the keys to the city.

    Orange County punk band Social Distortion have a song on their 2011 album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes entitled “Bakersfield.”

    San Jose, California pop punk band Four O’clock Heroes have a song on their 2012 album “Take Control” named “Bakersfield.”

    Bakersfield is currently home to three minor league professional sports teams. They are: Blaze (Baseball, CL), Condors (Hockey, ECHL), and Jam (Basketball, D-League). In addition, Bakersfield has two colleges with strong athletics programs. Bakersfield College Renegades is a community college with 19 varsity sports, the most notable being football.It competes in the Western State Conference, which is a part of the California Community College Athletic Association. California State University, Bakersfield Roadrunners is a university with 15 varsity sports, the most notable being basketball. It is a part of NCAA division I and was just accepted as a member of the Western Athletic Conference.

    Bakersfield is also located near a variety of racing sports. Current racing sports include: drag strip (at Famoso Raceway), dirt (at Bakersfield Speedway), and paved (at Buttonwillow Raceway). The national jet boat association holds drag boat races at Lake Ming. Bakersfield was also home to Mesa Marin Raceway, a NASCAR associated oval track, but was demolished in 2004. A replacement, the Kern River Speedway, was under construction and was expected to open by 2008, but has been delayed because of a lack of funding.It was announced in February 2012 that the track has been purchased by a new ownership group with a grand opening slated for late in 2012.

    Bakersfield has many venues for a variety of different sports. One of the most notable and versatile is the Rabobank Arena (formerly the Centennial Garden) which hosts concerts, shows, and sporting events. In addition, Bakersfield has facilities that can host tournament games. The Kern County Soccer Field has 24 full-size light soccer fields. Also, currently under construction is the Bakersfield Sports Village. When completed, it will have 16 baseball fields, 6 football fields, and 16 soccer fields.

    So much to do and see in the beautiful sprawling city of Bakersfield, everywhere you go you will find the friendliest people in the United States, and probably in the world, it has been said: Come for a weekend and stay for a lifetime! Bakersfield is a place that grows on ya, and it is because of the great people who call Bakersfield their home!

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    Expert Advice on Leasing Office Buildings 

    Jeff Andrew is a principle and partner in Cushman and Wakefield Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors in Bakersfield, California. Cushman and Wakefield has offices all over the world and Jeff will direct you to a office that can help you. In this video he talks about leasing office buildings, you need to know what expenses you pay and he gives some sound advice.

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    Call Jeff Andrew for Commercial Real Estate in Bakersfield 

    Jeff Andrew of Cushman & Wakefield | Pacific Commercial Realty Advisors is the Real Estate Professional to call in Bakersfield. Jeff has handled some of the largest deals in the past decade and probably the past century out of his office in Bakersfield, California. With close to 30 years in the commercial, industrial and investment area of realty, he has a proven track record to get you the best price for buying, selling, or leasing property. He and his team in Bakersfield just completed the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union transaction that was a monumental one for the books. He took less that 90 days to make the deal with Kern Schools ,  Chevron USA , and a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum.

    The sale was 154, 000 square foot class “A” campus of buildings and some more land for a future expansion parcel. Call Jeff Andrew for transactions anywhere in the United States, he can help your find property for lease, buy, or sell, and help you get the best price for your sale or investment. Telephone Jeff Andrew today at: (661) 633-3827 or email him at : Jeff.andrew@paccra.com , he is an expert in the commercial real estate field with over 30 years of sales and transactions.




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    Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars are Best at Milt’s and 24th Street 

    Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars are a Hit at Milt’s and 24th Street

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    Best Food in Downtown Bakersfield is at 24th Street Cafe 

    The best food and best restaurant in downtown Bakersfield is at 24th Street Cafe, located at 1415 24th Street, this great Cafe is owned and operated by Mark Huggs, the Huggs family has a steep tradition in the Bakersfield restaurant and dining scene. Milt Huggs founded Milt’s Iron Horse, Milt’s Ranch Inn, and in 1950 founded Milt’s Coffee Shop in Bakersfield. 24th Street has incorporated all of the great recipes from the family and taken it to another level with the his popular dining spot in downtown. The best breakfast and lunch in Bakersfield is what 24th Cafe is famous for, and once you have eaten at this restaurant that is close to the courts, convention center and the Rabobank arena you will be a regular customer. The Pumpkin Pancakes, Biscuits and Gravy, The Chicken Fried Steak and Green Fried Tomatoes are what makes this Cafe a favorite place for locals and tourists from all over the world. 24th Street attracts diners from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Avila Beach, and from Canada and Europe on a regular basis.

    The food is the best in Bakersfield and that is the word on the street and the internet, review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zaget, and I’d Go Back all rate 24th Street Cafe as the best place to eat in downtown Bakersfield. Lot’s of people visit 24th Street Cafe when they are in town for a show at Buck Owens Crystal Palace and need a breakfast or lunch spot, locals tell entertainers and fans to to 24th in downtown Bakersfield, and they tell then while they are there to buy a few of the Worlds Best Cinnamon Rolls at 24th Street Cafe, and if they can’t make it to 24th to go to their sister restaurant Milt’s Coffee Shop on Knudsen Drive and Olive Drive, just off Highway 99.

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    Irrigation Water Solutions Farmers look to Water-Ways 

    Farmers and Ranchers have to use water wisely and the way they accomplish that is by using the company that has been a leader since 1950, that company is Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield, California. All your water needs can be met using Water-Ways water solutions for your Farm or Ranch. Above ground and underground water delivery is a specialty of this cutting edge family owned and operated business. Water-Ways can custom manufacture products that will meet the needs of your farm or ranch. They also have a fleet of Aluminum pipe for rent and are always looking for pipe to purchase or lease from growers who have no need for pipe that is just laying around the farm or ranch, give a call to a water specialist at (661) 589-8800 and they will give you a free appraisal or evaluation of your pipe and turn it into cash for you.

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    The Steak and Eggs are the Best at Milt’s Coffee Shop and 24th Street Cafe 

    The Best Steak and Eggs are at Milt’s Coffee Shop and 24th Street Cafe in Bakersfield, Ca

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    The Roasted Turkey Dip Sandwich at 24th Street Cafe – Bakersfield, Ca 

    The Roasted Turkey Dip Sandwich is the Best in Bakersfield

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      The Roasted Turkey Dip Sandwich at 24th Street Cafe in Bakersfield is the best Turkey Dip I have ever had, in fact it is the best Turkey Sandwich ever! It’s amazing the flavor that this Turkey has at 24th.

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    Best Cinnamon Rolls in Bakersfield are at 24th Street Cafe and Milt’s Coffee Shop 

    Worlds Best Cinnamon Rolls

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